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Hiring Incentives

  • ܽƵapp is currently looking for skilled employees to help us serve our students. We offer referral bonuses, hiring bonuses, and differential pay in positions in ܽƵapp Transportation, ܽƵapp Nutrition, Special Education, and Related Services.

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    External job postings are open to all applicants, including current ASD employees as well as current substitutes, temporaries, and the general public.


    Internal job postings are open to regular ASD employees currently working in the same bargaining unit as the open position.


    Click the button to apply to this job only if you are staff who are currently in an AEA position who:

    1. Are interested in transferring to another AEA position
    2. Have been informed by their principal that they are displaced, or
    3. Are returning from leave

    Please note: if you are in one of these three situations, applying to job ID 15983 and completing the AEA transfer page is all that is required to submit your request. If you choose to select other AEA job vacancies on the Vacancy Desired page in addition to job ID 15983, you will be required to complete additional application pages. 


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